Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To start off all with all the weird and wild stuff in Japan I thought I would jump on in and post pictures of what the condoms cases look like in Japan... enjoy >_>. P.S. The last two are sold in a lot of stores.

I never thought someone would make a Kit Kat into a dirty thing.

Female condoms? Or condoms for men who lack iron?
Ha! I guess this is how Japan plans on fighting HIV viruses.

I used to love eating the Koala treats, now the image of Sackman condoms will keep me from ODing on my chocolate cravings

My goal in life is to be a super big boy :D

Lol, this is the best! I always wanted to be black in the sack. The best part is the slogan on the bottom right. "Stay real! WE are all brack people"

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